Leader Resources

Can I be a leader? Of course you can! GSNEO and the service unit provide training for you. Books that outline the activities you can do to guide girls through earning various awards and participating in the girl scout program are available through GSNEO Council Shop. This website also contains useful information to help and support leaders in working with girls to plan activities for their troops. Explore the links to the right to see some of the resources available to support leaders in our service unit.

Interested in volunteering? Contact us at gs762organizer (at) aol (dot) com

Being a Girl Scout Leader

Do you have to have been a girl scout yourself?

No. It is not required to have been a girl scout for you to become a leader. Many resources are available to you through both the service unit and GSNEO Council offices to help you learn about the girl scout program.

How much of a time commitment is it?

To some extent this depends on you and how you organize your troop. The responsibility for planning activities, chaperoning events, leading meetings, can be shared amongst a number of registered adult scouts. Some troops approach leadership with a team approach - having each parent plan a meeting or activity. In other troops, the planning is done primarily by the leader and co-leader. Some troops meet weekly, others meet every other week or twice a month. The number of Saturday/weekend activities you plan for the troop may depend on your schedule, the girls' schedules and availability, and other registered adults (parents) in the troop's availability to help chaperone events. Everyone has something to contribute - rely on other parents as resources.

Remember being a Girl Scout Leader can be a lot of work - but it's a lot of fun too! 

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