Tried and true tips from our girl scout leaders:

You know how hard it is to get Daisies and Brownies to stay in a straight line or in a nice circle instead of piled on top of each other? Or even when you do get them in nice formation, as soon as you look the other way the girls scoot next to each other?  Well, I figured out how to get them to sit where I want them to. I went to Pat Catan's - purchased the hard felt, then made daisy flowers on one side to use as carpet squares.  I sit them out in a circle before the girls arrive and they each sit or stand on one.  I even use them for games, starting and ending points and lining up. It's really worked out. They don't jump over each other trying to get closest to me or Amy, my co-leader, and they don't all squish up in one area.  I love it. 

I even made a daisy garden caper chart of flower stems with velcroed flowers with their names.  The chart can carry over for many years, the clothes pins that are pinned at the bottom of the stem have their jobs on them, these can be changed as the girls get older.  I have 10 jobs for my ten girls.  Things as simple as just holding the troop banner when we are opening the meeting.

-Tip from Melissa Holva

Save your empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls and collect the lint and used fabric softener sheets from your dryer. Stuff the lint and fabric softener sheets into the empty paper rolls and use them as fire starters for campfires. Save candle fragments too. You can wrap them in wax paper to make official fire starters.

-Tip from Judy Artino

Daisy Troop 70743 showing off their "Respect Myself and Others" petal 

Mistress of ceremonies and Meatball skit actresses at the Girl Scout Talent Show

Pool party at Osborne Pool. 

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